Highlights of the First Airing of THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES

the voiceThe most awaited reality television singing franchise aired last night on Channel 2 with much fanfare but short of talent.

Watching Reality TV singing contests is never my thing. I usually just catch up and watch YouTube videos if I’m interested with any of the contestant. But The Voice of the Philippines is different. Aside from the unique twists where the coaches/judges does not pass  contestants based on looks, packaging and stage presence, the Voice contest is an interesting show that banks on merely the power, the emotion, the pathos from merely listening to one’s voice but also I am a certified Lea Salonga fan. And to see her more on mainstream TV and being more accessible and down to earth more than ever is a huge thing for me.

“The Voice of the Philippines” the fourth installment of the famous competition reigned cyberspace with rants not much about the contestants but more on the sets and the chairs. While we cannot do anything about these famous revolving chairs anymore since naka-tape na itong mga episodes ahead of time (I hope people would focus more on the real purpose of the show – finding the one true, VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES winner).

So while the rest of fb-dom and twitter-dom complain about the now infamous red chairs, I’d focus on the talents and highlights of the show.

the voice twitter

Primer reviewed

As if the whole show of the Mic Primer of The Voice of the Philippines  and the rest of the franchise shows all-over e-the world was not enough to brief or debrief the audience, the show began with a swift history of the show and the judges’ background.

This (Primer review at the onset of the show) is okay with me. Let us face it while some people are already primed and experts on this show, reality check there will always be new viewers who may have just joined in the “bandwagon” of watching The Voice. And the fact that the Primer-review was short, then that is good that the show’s producer and director added that.

Ang Walang Kamatayang Opening Number

Personally, di ko alam kung matutuwa ako or shake my head kasi may opening number pa ang The Voice PH .  I guess as Filipinos, we are always BIG on musical numbers considering, it’s already part of our pop-culture ung Variety show peg and walang kamatayang production numbers mapa-pelikula or television show man.

On the bright-side it cannot be help we are a musically talented people and the coaches are of the music industry so we really can expect something like that.

On castigating the red chairs

The sets and red chairs I do not need to elaborate as netizens shared what they thought about it in twitter and Facebook. Besides, “the Voice”  will be moving to no-less than the world-class Resorts World, Newport Performing Arts Theatre.

I’ve watched a play in Newport Performing Arts Theatre and it’s  a big venue.  The said theatre itself is world class, so to those who have an issue regarding “blind auditions” venue being small, then I think when “The Voice PH”  moves to the Newport theatre the said issue will die done.

Coaches a Riot on their own

the voice.1

One of the entertaining things about The Voice of the Philippines are the side comments and reactions of the coaches. It is also interesting to see the coaches doing their respective tactics to persuade the artists to get them as their coach.

So far, the team standings are: For #TeamLea: 2, #TeamBamboo and #TeamApl.de.Ap one each while #TeamSarah = 0.

To be honest, I do not know what Sarah is waiting for? I just do not know if she really has this very high expectations or simply she does not know what she wants.

Will see, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt that she knows what she is doing.  I get she is a bit pressured considering she is among the cream of the crop as fellow coaches.

A Sob Story and a Side Storyerik santos

Just like Erik Santos, I too was so moved and I did cry when it comes to Romel Colao, a 32-year-old balut vendor from Bukidnon who performed “Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos”. Unfortunately he did not get in. I guess that is reality. His audition was not smooth when it comes to his high notes. Okay na sana but even Lea cringed when it comes to those high notes.  Sayang I know. But I guess no matter how noble the backstory is and emotionally affected the audience may get the fact is, is that the coaches were not able to find what they are looking for when it comes to his singing.  

At the end of his singing, when nobody turned everybody’s hear went out with him.  He took his “defeat” bravely and even gave the coaches the iconic balut (why iconic because when international celebrities or foreigners arrive in the country, the most famous food dare would always balut).  It is fun to see all of them, walang nag-inarte kumain ng balut. But when he left the stage somehow my heart went out with him. You may say it is so dramatic but being a third world country we cannot help to have contestants with their own Maala-ala Mo Kaya sob stories.  Just like Sarah I could not help but cry and I would like to give kudos to Apl. de Ap for giving Romel his belt so because as per Apl, he cannot let Romel leave empty handed.

The sort of good news about this part is that, at least if there’s one thing that the show proved is that it is a show that does not lean on personal biases, sob-stories  The coaches uses their ears and instinct at the onset when the singer sings. As they say trabaho lang talaga po ito, walang personalan.

On a lighter note, Vice Ganda is spotted among the audiences to support his back-up singer Thor Dulay (more about the contestants later). For the first time, Vice is at the side and not on the spotlight, a true friend I guess. And though Thor chose a different coach, it is nice to know that Vice was shouting “Lea” as his coach during Thor’s crucial moment of choice.

Contestants: Great Expectations but a Tad Short on Talent

I had great expectations regarding the contestants.  I guess I’m too idealistic in terms of Filipino Talent. I expect that no matter where they came from I was expecting the contestants (in the words of Coach Lea) to “blow me away”.  I expected each and everyone of them to do that. They are all okay, they can really sing.  But I expected more than just a okay. 

Both Lea and Apl de Ap went head-to-head with getting the approval of Darryl Shy (“Tatsulok”) and Chien Bebana (“Sayang na Sayang”) but Lea was able to get these artists under her team.  

Bamboo easily got Deb Victa (“American Boy”) as he was the only who turned his chair, though Sarah wanted too and regret that she did not. Then all four chairs turned when Thor Dulay, Vice-Ganda’s back-up singer, sang I have nothing. 

Well the contestants are good, Shy’s unique edge was when he made Bamboo’s song in his own style.  Bebana on the other hand had that rough and character about her when singing. Thor was smooth and romantically swooning people, obviously he does know how to sing. Victa was just okay.

The Voice of the Philippines airs every Saturday 9:00 pm  (after MMK) and Sunday at 8:15 pm (after Rated K) on ABS-CBN 2. The Voice ABS CBN check their website: http://thevoice.abs-cbn.com/

Relived the singers and their songs, with links from in ABS-CBN website: 

Tatsulok by Darryl Shy – #TeamLea

Sayang na Sayang by Chien Berbana  – #TeamLea

American Boy by Deb Victa  #TeamBamboo

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