The story of our favorite half-blood Aswang hunter (Half-blood because he is half-Aswang and half-Tagabantay) gets more complicated and interesting in ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime show Juan dela Cruz. 

Watching last night’s episode, Ka-el (Aaron Villafor) who recently unleashes dark magic from the Anito ng Sarangnaya, as the Anak ng Dilim (or so he thinks or believes that he is)  now aims to lead the army of the Aswangs to rule the world.

Meanwhile, the REAL Anak ng Dilim and also THE taga-bantay – the not-so-perfect sometimes boastful titular hero, with a Han Solo like smirk and a Luke Skywalker boyish charm, Juan de la Cruz (Coco Martin) is now in tip-top shape much to the chagrin of Kael (If you’re watching the series, you know that Kael asked some hoodlums to stage an ambush against Juan).  Here’s a clip of what is in store tonight:

But what really made me excited was when Juan sees Mira  (Shaina Magdayao), the princess of the fairies, who is disguised as a human and goes to Earth as she is set to save her kingdom. To be honest, I still do not know where the plot will lead to but one thing is for certain, things are revving up even more.

I just like the idea of fairies. I used  to love another tele-fantaserye before about four fairies representing the different elements. That of course is of the other channel so in respect for this article, might as not mention the name of the series.

So far I like the costumes for the fairies. The costumes pique the child in me as it somewhat reminds me of Lord of the Rings’ Elves and it does help that Shaina and Precious Lara Quigaman who plays Queen Nerea are beautiful actresses. It makes it easy in the eyes.

Together with Shaina and Precious Lara the other fairies include Liway (Marlann Flores) and Bagno (Martin del Rosario). There’s also Dianne Zubiri who plays Peru-ha an antagonist that I can’t wait to see how her character adds up to the already increasing power and number of the Aswangs.

The following photos were retrieved from the Juan dela Cruz Fan page.

Photo retrieved from Juan dela Cruz fanpage –
Photo retrieved from Juan dela Cruz fanpage –
Photo retrieved from Juan dela Cruz fanpage –
Photo retrieved from Juan dela Cruz fanpage –
Photo retrieved from Juan dela Cruz fanpage –

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