Good news!  Due to the increase number of summer workshop participants, four additional classes had been added to the  most-in-demand courses in PETA summer workshops namely Children’s Theater, Teen Theater and Theater Arts

For 45 years now, Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA), the country’s number one educational theatre company in the Philippines is also  known as one of the best training ground for thespians in the country.  PETA graciously opens its door to people who are willing to learn more about theatre!

The summer courses in PETA ranges from beginners to advanced training for professional thespians and facilitators. Known for its comprehensive and unique syllabus, PETA summer workshops continually draws more and more applicants annually.  

PETA’s steady and long theatrical experience are integrated in its  syllabus uses Basic Integrated Theater Arts Workshop (BITAW) process, PETA Artist-Teachers combine group dynamics, creative dance and movement, creative sound and music, visual art and creative writing into one fun-filled workshop.  BITAW itself is the company’s main foundation of all of the company’s training in the various provinces in the country, as well as in some part of Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Filled with fun and games, these workshops aim to nurture and enrich each kids’ child’s imagination. It sets to inspire individuals to have self-confidence, self-appreciation and appreciation of others, nature and culture.

 The student-centered workshops helps taps the limitless creative potential of each workshopper as they allow them to express themselves, remove inhibitions, and teaches them to mount their original stories in a full blown production. After a whole month of workshops, these classes will hold their respective showcases at the 400-seater PETA Phinma Theatre.   

 The following are the 2013 PETA Summer Program:

  • Children’s Theater 1 (for ages 6 to 8)  and Children Theater 2 (for ages 9 to 12) –  enables kids to explore and experience music, movement and dance, visual arts, storytelling, drama improvisation, poetry and short-story writing. 
  • Teen Theater (for ages 13 to 16) –  challenges the experimental and adventurous nature of the youth through the unique Peta Integrated Theater Arts approach. The course mixes creative drama, creative sounds and music, creative writing, creative body movements and dance, visual arts as well as improvisational theater and new media, allowing teens to express their talents and articulate youth power as they mount their own original piece on relevant youth concerns as part of their recital.
  • Theater Arts –  Young aspiring actors, from 17 years old and up, can acquire fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes in improvisational theater production, theater history, theater appreciation, aesthetics and criticism.
  • Basic Acting (ages 17 and up) – features a series of dialogues with seasoned theater artists, coupled with motivated acting exercises which can turn anyone into a budding stage actor.
  • Creative Musical Theater (for ages 17 and up) – sessions on voice, composition, performance and various music explorations.
  •  Creative Dance Theater explores body and movement as media of artistic expression, and examines the rudiments of movement as a way to tell stories using various dance forms.

    Excited? Interested? Then come on and inquire now and contact PETA at (02) 725-6244, 0906-2115003, 0916-3090707 or send an email to

Workshop Photos courtesy of PETA
Workshop Photos courtesy of PETA

Workshop Photos courtesy of PETAWorkshop Photos courtesy of PETA


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