Ana Abad Santos as Miranda in Floy Quintos’ “Evening at the Opera”

Actress Ana Abad Santos has one of the most impressive curriculum vitaes in the country. This Aliw Awardee for Best Actress have essayed a wide range of roles that proves her adeptness in acting.

But it’s not just the roles that makes Ms. Santos a great artist of this generation. The fact that she continued her theatre studies, branched out in other aspects of the theatre and media (directing, film acting, modeling) and shared her learning to other people by being a theatre educator, makes her one a great beacon of the Arts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Ana Abad Santos for sharing her thoughts, experiences to inspire other thespians to work hard to further hone our respective crafts. Without further ado, I raise the curtains and present Ms. Ana Abad Santos.

Stage name: Ana Abad Santos

SPOTLIGHT THEATRE: Theatre background

AS: Post Graduate on Classical Performance at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Actor/ Director/Educator

SPOT. TH.: Describe yourself in your own words 

AS: Conflicted. Chaotic, Careless. But that may change tomorrow.

SPOT. TH.: What are the things that others say about you and wish they didn’t? 

AS: I’m snooty!… I’m really not, just socially awkward.

SPOT. TH.: What are the things that others don’t know and you wish to know?

AS: Publicly I hope nothing and that my work will speak for itself. Privately…nothing. The less they know the better.

Ana Abad Santos as Blanche Dubois in “A Streetcar Named Desire”

SPOT. TH.: When did you decide to venture into the theatre? What made you do it? Who or what inspired you to keep on doing it?

AS: When I was 9, I saw a Broadway show and it completely blew my mind away! It was a production of “Merlin.” They made the impossible possible and it was a magical experience for me. I wanted to be part of that magic.

Now, I am inspired to continue the struggle of finding ourselves and our identity, both as individuals and as a nation, in the realm of theatre. Finding ourselves sans the spotlight or the high…just the plain primal desire to uncover what is real.

In a nutshell, when I was nine I wanted to uncover what was magical…now I want to uncover what isn’t.

SPOT. TH.: What makes you different from other artists? What gives you an edge from others?

AS: I’ll have to know all the artist to make that claim, so I won’t. What i do try to  continuously achieve and uphold as an actor is RESPECT for the stage, for the text, and for the craft.

SPOT. TH.: For you what is the ideal artist for you? 

AS: I don’t have an ideal artist in mind. Fortunately, people can still shock me, which is a great thing. Raw talent can suddenly grip the hell out of me and some old retired actor that just made a comeback can still blow me away. You can’t put any form of art in a box. Then it wouldn’t be art. I do know what i don’t like; posers. Those with no heart, or soul or mind –whatever you want to call it– only goals, and by no heart i mean the intent of their action.

Ana Abad Santos in her award winning role as Mary Stuart in the play of the same title

SPOT. TH.: What should a thespian like you should always remember?

AS: The truth.

SPOT. TH.: What is theatre to you?

AS: A safe place.

SPOT. TH.: Challenges you’ve encountered in the theatre?

AS: Money.

SPOT. TH.: Most rewarding thing in the theatre?


SPOT. TH.: Any projects you’re doing? Feel free to promote it (contact details etc.)

“Bugoy” a new teleserye  for ABS-CBN
“Leading Ladies” by Ken Ludwig for Repertory Philippines directed by Michael Williams

Ana Abad Santos as Candida in “A Portrait of An Artist as a Filipino”



2010 Best Stage Actress ALIW AWARDEE for Mary Stuart in “MARY STUART”

PILSTAGE 2009 Gawad Buhay Nominee for  Best Actress in a straight play

as Candida Marasigan in Repertory Philippines “A Portrait of

the  Artist as Filipino” and as Blanche Dubois Tanghalang Pilipino’s

“A Streetcar named Desire”

2010 Critic’s Choice Best Actress for Mary Stuart in Dulaang UP’s Mary Stuart


2011 –   Virgin LABFEST year 7  Miranda in “EVENING AT THE OPERA” by Floy Quintos

              Repertory Philippines:   Jing Mei Woo in “THE JOY LUCK CLUB”

2010 –   Dulaang UP: Rina Corpuz in “SHOCK VALUE”

2009 –  Dulaang UP: Mary Stuart in “MARY STUART”

            Tanghalang Pilipino:  Blanche Dubois in “A Streetcar Named Desire”

            UP Playwrights: Julia in “Dead Stars 1925”

            Repertory Philippines: Candida in “Portrait of the Artist as Filipino”


Repertory Philippines: Isabella Fox “Romance in D”, Juliet in “Romeo & Juliet”,

Isabella in “Measure for Measure”, Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing”

Helena in “Midsummer Nights Dream”, Portia in “Merchant of Venice”,

Varya in “The Cherry Orchard”, Catherine Sloper in “The Heiress”,

Beth in “Dinner with Friends”, Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz”

Snooks in “Moose Murders”, Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors”,

Harriet in “Nobody’s Perfect”, Yeliena Ivanovna/Natalya Stepanovna in

“The Boor & the Proposal”

Actors Actors Inc.:      Alice in “Closer”, Darlene in “Hurly Burly”, Duckling in “Our

Country’s Good”, Madeleine in “Les Parents Terribles”, Ophelia in “HAMLET”

Dramatis Personae:     Deborah in “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”,  Martha in ”La

Malentendu”, Bertha in “The Father”

UP Playwrights:    Mira in “Fluid”

World Theater Projects:   Cordelia in “King Lear”

Atlantis:                  Barbara Villanueva/Ka Lydia in “Dogeaters”





2009:       ATENEO BLUE REPERTORY: “BARE” (a rock opera)



Feature length:

2010 “Ben & Sam directed by Shandii Bacolod

2009 “FIDEL”  directed by Shandii Bacolod

2008 “69 ½” directed by Teddy Manotoc

2007 “MUDRAKS” directed by Arah Badayos & Margaret Guzman


2011:  “REDUX” directed by Joaquin Pedro Valdes

2009: “Out of Love” directed by Flora Lau

(winner best film at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 09)

“Behind Closed Doors” directed by Mark Philip Espinosa

(winner best screenplay cinemalaya 09)


THEATRE-International Baccalaureate: Beacon Academy

Theatre Arts: Sta. Isabel College of Music

Theatre Arts: De La Salle College

Advance Summer Workshops: Repertory Philippines


Model/Endorser for FILA


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